Collaboration is the Key to Creativity - and Video Conferencing is the Catalyst

Collaboration Is the Key to Creativity
In a fast moving world, it is essential to innovate and adapt. Increasingly, top-down business structures are seen as less effective than collaboration in driving innovation and creativity. Technological developments are also encouraging this sea change in thinking. The latest technology, when designed for a specific business or institution, can improve connectivity and collaboration.
Video Conferencing
Video conferencing, in particular, is used by large financial institutions and government organizations in all stages of the collaborative process: consulting, implementing and managing. But it is just as useful for the small business, by giving them access to people and resources that previously were out of budget. Video conferencing has also been adopted by the legal system and educational institutions. Hospitals are embracing its use for off-site diagnostics.
Whenever people are separated and live conversation is necessary, video conferencing is essential. And, when non-verbal information is needed as part of the conversation, the white boards and other innovations of AV technology provide solutions. In a time of tight budgets, video-conferencing saves the expense of bringing people together physically. And that ability to efficiently create a collaborative environment without expensive travel also carries an environmental benefit by reducing carbon emissions.
The System Needed
Every company or institution has different requirements. There is no one-size fits all with video conferencing technology. As a result, it is necessary to get expert assistance. The system has to be understood by those in the group who are controlling it. There is nothing worse or less-professional looking than sound cutting out or a picture loss because a plug came out of the wall. At the human end of things, there often needs to be training for the presenters. Video conference participants can be self-conscious or anxious about being in front of cameras. And there is a need to make eye contact – a crucial linking element in any collaborative enterprise.
The Use of Space Is Important Too
Collaboration is a mindset and a goal that – hand in hand with the embrace of conferencing technology – can affect even the physical layout of a business. Organizations often do not efficiently utilize their own office space, even as they are being required to reduce their real estate footprint. Part of the "cure” is to make more effective use of meeting rooms, the places where video conferencing and collaborative decisions will ultimately be made. A better balance of personal desk space and meeting space is replacing the old cubicles and enclosed offices. Room scheduling is important, and adopting a technological system for doing that effectively is now possible. In addition, an environment must be promoted where meetings start and end -- on time. And the video conferencing equipment must be appropriate in the space where it is used – and for its intended users.
AV solutions are necessary for just about any entity that occupies office space. The expert assistance needed should spend time on-site, focus on educating the client, and provide "solutions” for enhancing collaborations – not just selling products.
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